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Memorizing formulas is not the best way to learn Physics; to understand and deduct them is a lot better way to understand them and then learn this science and all the sciences, so when you explain these formulas to somebody else who does not know a thing and he or she understands them, then they are there, engraved somewhere in your brain, and you start multiplying the learning effect.
Think of this: What is the formula of velocity? if you try to remember it  from your Physics Lessons in high-school you do not have many chances to remember it. You may end remembering your sweetheart  from those times.
As an example of what you may have had in your text book, here is the definition of velocity from Wikipedia (if you get confused or tired jump to the next paragraph):

In physicsvelocity is the measurement of the rate and direction of change in position of an object. It is a vector physical quantity; both magnitude and direction are required to define it. The scalar absolute value (magnitude) of velocity is speed, a quantity that is measured in meters per second (m/s or ms−1) when using the SI (metric) system.
For example, "5 meters per second" is a scalar and not a vector, whereas "5 meters per second east" is a vector. The average velocity v of an object moving through a displacement ( \Delta \mathbf{x}) during a time interval (Δt) is described by the formula:
\mathbf{\bar{v}} = \frac{\Delta \mathbf{x}}{\Delta t}.
To understand it try to deduct it, and then try to explain to someone for the first time – as  I will in a moment – what is the meaning of velocity in the simplest way and then built from it.
Here I go: Velocity tells you how much distance you travel in a period of time, for instance if you travel 2 Km (I am Mexican) in 1 hour, then your velocity is 2Km per hour, how many kilometers will you travel in 2 hours? it sounds so easy that even I understood it. I am sure you can do better than me;  this is the power you have for learning and teaching, which is engraving in your brain the reasoning of the formula.
From here; what would happen if second graders teach first graders what they’ve learned a week ago and they are graded according to the result of the tests of their new pupils.

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